Draw Muhammad Link Roundup

Molly Norris's edited version of her cartoon.

I just wanted to put a list of links relevant to the recent “draw Muhammad” events that have been going on for the sake of easy access to anyone who is interested.

April 26, 2010: Article about creator of “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” bowing out of the event

April 26, 2010: AAF’s original “chalk Muhammad” event on Facebook

April 28, 2010: Email exchange between the Muslim Students Association and AAF

April 30, 2010: AAF’s write-up of the event

April 30, 2010: Another write-up of the event, with references to negative comments by some of the participants

May 1, 2010: Hemant “Friendly Atheist” Mehta’s response to – and approval of – the event

May 1, 2010: AAF claims that campus Muslims are trying to “censor” the quad

May 3, 2010: MSA writes a letter to the Daily Illini

May 3-4, 2010: University of Wisconsin at Madison atheist group AHA says they are going to copy the event, writes to their MSA, their MSA writes back, meets with the dean, does the event, and accuses detractors of censorship

May 3-6, 2010: Hemant Mehta’s response to AHA , an update on the event, and a response to their “censorship”

May 4, 2010: Chris Stedman of (Non)Prophet Status has a more interfaith response

May 5, 2010: AAF receives coverage about the event in the News-Gazette

May 6, 2010: Letter to the Daily Illini about mosque vandalism in Urbana

May 10, 2010: Interfaith in Action at UIUC issues a statement

May 10, 2010: Northwestern University copies the event

May 10, 2010: Eboo Patel criticizes AAF et al.

May 11, 2010: AAF’s response to Eboo Patel’s criticism

May 11, 2010: AHA member contends that he is not racist

May 11, 2010: Hemant Mehta responds to Patel – towards the bottom – stating, “It’s just a Muhammad drawing. Relax.”

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